Alex •  Jul 15, 2016 • Meet the Team

Meet the Team: Andrea Lutz, Client Services

Andrea Lutz – Client Services

Andrea Lutz

Hi Everyone! I’m Andrea!

I’m in charge of the ACT team.  Our team works every day to help our clients when something breaks, assist when they aren’t sure how something works, and just generally give good advice and best practices technically on how to use our hardware and software.  I’m so proud of the hard work we do every day.  

I’ve been with the company for 5 years.  Before I began working with ACT, I worked on the Client Services team – first, as Client Services Coordinator and then, as a Client Services Manager.  I loved working with Client Services because I had the opportunity to travel to a lot of our stations and see so many parts of the country that I wouldn’t normally see!

Before working at Frankly, I worked at Seamless/Grubhub.  I was on their account management team there, but when I started out, my first job there was “menu entry”.  Our team actually hand-typed the menus and food descriptions on the site and it was a FANTASTIC job.  My favorite word to type quickly is “onions”.

I’m originally from Ohio and I moved to New York fifteen years ago to do musical theatre.  I still enjoy singing, but never cared for the competitive nature of auditions.  I bought a ukulele last year as my “reward” for the completion of the Cordillera site launches and my goal is to learn five new songs per year
(I have two down so far this year!)  

I also adopted a dog last year named Pickle Road.  She’s both a total living chaos-machine and the best person I know.  She’s been known to make an appearance on conference calls when I work from home, so here’s a face to match the bark: