Alex •  Jun 29, 2016 • Meet the Team

Meet the Team: Brad Bogner, Advertising

Brad Bogner – Advertising



Hi, I’m Brad!

I’m on the Advertising team. We are tasked with coming up with revenue opportunities from ad agencies looking to buy inventory across ass of our cites. We’re all excited by the plans Bill has for the group since coming on board in January.

I have been with the company since October 2013.

I like when Dani tirelessly puts a bunch of beers out on the tables on Friday at 5pm.

I have four toes on my right foot.

I’ve never had a sense of smell. You would think no follow up questions would be necessary to confirm I have no sense of smell, but I’m sure there’s lots of questions. “Do you mean, like…you’ve NEVER smelled *anything* before?”

I’ve been asked to be a Best Man at five weddings.
One toast was even recorded

In high school I was voted “Most Talkative”.

I’m originally from California.
Everyone always assumes I’m from New York,
probably because of my blue collar attitude.

People in New York think everyone in California surfs. The Beach Boys didn’t surf.

I can name all the United States Presidents in chronological order in under 60 seconds. Lots of people get trapped once they name Monroe.  

Strongly dislike Game of Thrones.