Alex •  Jun 23, 2016 • Meet the Team

Meet the Team: David Dogan, Client Services (NY)

David Dogan – Client Services – NY
David Dogan

Like Beyonce, I was born in Houston.

Like Gloria Estefan, I was raised in Miami.

Like 2pac, I lived in Oakland, for a bit.

(But unlike any of those people, I can’t sing, dance, nor rap… very well. But I try to do these things regularly).

I lived in San Francisco for a bit, where I had a great rent controlled apartment. I could never relate to people whining about their rent. In SF, I liked Glen Canyon Park, the Bay Bridge, the San Francisco Symphony, and going to drag shows.

Now I live in Manhattan, and lucked out on another great low-rent situation. I attribute my rent success to drinking plenty of water, a vegetarian diet, and nutritional yeast. I moved for a variety of reasons, marriage being among them. I enjoy hanging out in High Bridge Park, going to karaoke bars, art galleries, The New York Philharmonic, free lectures, and occasionally ones you have to pay for. I find the drag shows of New York to be sub-par – not worth watching.

I have an identical twin brother who still lives in San Francisco.

My favorite color is not named, but I can try to point it out to you if it ever appears around us.

My favorite thing to drink is Yerba Matte.

I failed my behind-the-wheel driving test three times, and have no license.

My favorite writer is Barbara Pym.

I can’t whistle.

People say I walk too fast (even in New York).

I still buy all my music.

I like being weird “just for the sake of being weird” sometimes.

Like now, for example.