Alex •  Jul 8, 2016 • Meet the Team

Meet the Team: Lyn Dechavez, Finance (NY)

Lyn Dechavez – Finance (NY)

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Hi, I’m Lyn.

My full name is Noralyn but most people call me Lyn.

I work in Finance and have been with the company since 2007. I focus mainly on vendor invoices and payments, employee expense reports, reconciling monthly accounting transactions, as well as providing support for the department when needed.

I’m originally from the Philippines but came to the US to be with my family.

I have a degree in Psychology from Hunter College as well as a degree in Accounting.

I really enjoy the fun events that take place at Frankly.
I enjoyed the Ping-Pong Tournament the most.
Everyone was excited and really having fun.

Since coming to the US, I’ve always lived in the Bronx.

I do not eat meat but I’m not a vegetarian
(some people know what I mean).

In the Philippines we have over 100+ dialects but I  only know one.

I do not drink alcohol but I have a certificate in bartending –
what was I thinking? 

I have a certificate in Phlebotomy (Google it) yet now I’m afraid of needles (what’s that all about).

In high school I was in track and field and ran the 100-meter, but now I can’t even make it to the train on time.


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