Ashley •  Jun 13, 2016 • Meet the Team

Meet the Team: Maxence Charriere, Technology (SF)


Hello, I’m Maxence.

I’m on the technology team in the SF office. I’ve been with Frankly since 2015.

I’m from the South of France. I studied at a software engineering school, Epitech, where I obtained my master’s degree.

Code lover

I spend most of my free time building things.

Apps I built: connected people with parties in Beijing.

Allowed users to control a parrot quadcopter with an X-box controller, just by looking at the screen (with a kind of Iron Man inspired interface).

Design, art, architecture news reader.

When not at Frankly, you can find me working on a framework that allows you to build apps on multiple devices (Mac, iOS, Android and Windows) using Golang, HTML and CSS.

Outside of geeky things,

I love traveling.

I’ve been to the UK, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Austria, China (lived there 1 year), Japan and Thailand.

I love cooking and eating good food (with a glass of wine!)

I love to party.

I regularly go to the gym with Mr. Damien Beard.

I’m a brown belt in Karate.