Alex •  Jun 21, 2016 • Meet the Team

Meet the Team: Sherry Majlesi, Technology (SF)

Sherry Majlesi – Technology (SF)

Hello! I’m Sherry. My full first name is Shahbanoo, meaning “The Princess of the City,” in Persian. 

I am an Android Engineer in San Francisco. My contribution to Frankly started with developing the chat SDK. Now I’m working on the Android News App.

I love being part of making a world class app!

In my early twenties, I decided to immigrate to discover a new world and for better opportunities. 

I met my husband, Ali, at university in Tehran. He also wanted to immigrate, so we prepared to move to Canada, but fortunately, I won the lottery and we moved to the US in 2014

I’ve learned so many interesting things as an expatriate. It really is like being born again and starting from scratch, but I’ve been able to make the most from my past in Iran and my new life in California.

My favorite Frankly memory is from July 2, 2015 when we had a big happy hour to celebrate many events – it was my exact birthday and I took photos and videos for my family to show them all of my nice colleagues.

Family and friends are a huge part of my life. I always put them before myself. My favorite hobbies are gardening, cooking, baking, and biking.

Nice to meet you!