United Nations Live Chat for #PeaceDay

Today we helped launch a very important live chat with the United Nations.

Monday, September 21, 2015 is International Day of Peace. The General Assembly declared this date as a day to strengthen the ideals of peace, between all nations and peoples. The day was established in 1981, and today the United Nations hosted a live web video conference of their International Day of Peace Global Student Video conference.

In conjunction with the webcast, they hosted a live chat to encourage students to talk about the Global Goals, discuss the conference, and answer questions, powered by Frankly’s technology. We are honored to help spread the word of peace and to help connect people with each other and to the UN to learn more about how they can achieve and promote peace.

Here are examples of the conversations between the UN and followers.





Stay tuned, as we will soon be launching a full chat and news app with the United Nations Foundation in order to facilitate communication and awareness around the United Nation’s Global Goals.