Why Mary Meeker Predicts Messaging Boom


By Steve Chung, CEO Frankly

Mary Meeker, former analyst at Morgan Stanley and partner at Kleiner Perkins, just released her authoritative annual report on Internet trends. Her annual reports are widely regarded as the seminal piece on the latest trends in Internet technology. If you have not read it yet, here’s the link: http://www.kpcb.com/internet-trends

As you know, our mission here at Frankly is to bring the power of mobile messaging to every app and website, helping to ignite engagement and interaction for our customer’s end-users. We are believers that mobile messaging is the single most important experience on your mobile phone today, and through our technology, we help brands and content owners harness this power to increase the frequency and retention of their end-users, enabling immersive and contextualized real-time conversations inside of people’s favorite apps.

It was therefore a fantastic day when Mary Meeker singled out mobile messaging as one of the most important developments in all of technology today. It was also the single most cogent and powerful endorsement of Frankly’s business model to date and I wanted to share a few bits with you:

  • Messaging should be the “key layer of every meaningful mobile app”
  • Messaging will become the “operating system” and act as the “communication hub” for a broad range of services on mobile
  • “6 of the top 10 most used apps globally” are messaging apps and our lives will be dominated by this experience

I believe Mary’s insights are spot on and consistent with what we’ve seen in the market. My team and I have been talking about this transformation over the past year and have received tremendous reception by many of the world’s top brands and content owners. We indeed believe that mobile messaging will become the de facto operating system for all mobile app engagement and that users will just expect this to be available in every app they open in the future. Through our technology, we offer the ability for any app to easily integrate the best-in-class mobile messaging and chat technology, and we bring a very unique and powerful value proposition to our customers.

For a closer look at the messaging insights, see page 46 of the report. Here are a few of our favorites:

We believe that messaging works so well because it’s immediate, intimate, and informal:


I was inspired to start Frankly because of the success of messaging apps in Asia and their platform-like commerce qualities. There’s a lot of room in the United States for apps to catch up to Asia in mobile commerce, and we’re especially optimistic because Frankly lets any company monetize their mobile apps.:

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 3.54.12 PM

Similarly, as attention shifts to mobile, so do ad dollars. This creates even more opportunity for companies to monetize their mobile apps by hosting ads in an engaged and sticky context like messaging. Watch this space; there’s still a huge discrepancy in how much time users spend on mobile versus ad spend on mobile, and analysts anticipate a large shift in ad budgets toward mobile for this reason:

Cover photo by Peggy2012CREATIVELENZ