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Large media group increases revenue

Gray Television wanted to host national brand ads to monetize all their available site inventory, but didn't have the bandwidth-their team's talent was focused on developing local small business advertising services. They needed a partner to manage national brand advertising for them.

Frankly's national advertising service provided:

  • Direct ad buys: Larger shares of buys, thanks to Frankly's scale.
  • Programmatic ads: Unsold inventory got higher returns through optimized programmatic channels
  • DFP and DFP Video: Lower ad serving costs and get access to premium training and support
  • No need to respond to RFPs or manage campaigns

Small media company finds ready-to-use publishing software

The Waterman Broadcasting team was pro at producing content, but needed a partner who could help with the heavy lifting of publishing and monetizing that content. As a small company, they didn't have resources to develop technology themselves so they wanted software ready out of the box.

Frankly's Producer CMS provided:

  • End-to-end solution including hosting, video delivery, ads, analytics, and mobile apps.
  • Design support through Frankly's professional services
  • Audience and revenue growth strategy from Frankly's Client Services team
  • Predictable, manageable costs of operation
  • Content that reaches all devices, including mobile and TV
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