Ashley •  Apr 25, 2015 • Frankly Assets

Introducing the Frankly Inc. Mobile Messaging Marketing Blog!

Today, there are more ways to connect with your users than the marketers of Madison Avenue ever dreamed possible. Thank goodness – because after all, you need to establish an authentic connection with your users to keep them happy, ensure they continue buying, and encourage them to recommend you. Enter mobile messaging.

Yet, it’s tough to be a digital marketer in today’s world, in part because of the sheer number of marketing channel selections. You could spend your time retweeting and writing posts on Facebook, launching a mobile banner ad campaign, or hosting an event. The list goes on.

Our brand partners ask us: What’s the best way to make authentic connections with users when they’re hiding behind their phones and computer screens? How do you stand out in a sea of ads, products, and digital experiences all vying for user attention?

In the age of digital marketing, brands that are actively engaging with their communities are a cut above the rest.


Photograph by Garry Knight


At Frankly, we believe the best way to engage with users is to create authentic, direct conversations.

Why? Well, we’ve been studying conversations for a while and we’ve seen their power firsthand. Frankly actually started out as a pure-play mobile messaging company. Our flagship consumer app, Frankly Chat, amassed over two million users in just one year on Android and iOS worldwide. Conversations took off right away! Our users send text, photo, video and audio messages to gossip with their friends while exploring ephemeral and customizable chat features.

We quickly realized that we were on to something. We took our technology to brands like iHeartRadio, Wizard World Comic Con, and Victoria’s Secret, where they used chat rooms and 1:1 messaging to engage their followers during key events and connect their community members to one another.

Today, we’ve evolved our technology into next-generation chat-as-a-service for brands. Organizations can now easily add chat to their own mobile and web apps, hosted and powered by Frankly. They use our battle-tested technology to build community, increase sales, and keep users smiling.

We want to share our messaging expertise with other marketers, because let’s face it – messaging is booming. The industry has produced billion-dollar businesses like SnapChat, WhatsApp, WeChat, and Line. The recent launch of Facebook’s Messenger Platform shows that even more innovation is ahead. We want to help you incorporate some of this magic into your own mobile app and succeed in the messaging space. Keep in mind that if you win, we win too.

We’re excited to introduce the Frankly Messaging Blog, where you’ll read about the latest innovations in messaging technology, mobile native advertising, and community engagement. You’ll meet messaging experts from around the company to get different perspectives on the industry, including product managers, designers, engineers, and marketers, and our CEO, Steve Chung.

Here are some topics we’ll cover:

Marketing Tips & Best Practices

  • We’ve learned a few good (and bad) things along our journey in the mobile messaging world, and we want to share tips and tricks that marketers can use to increase engagement within their communities.

Information About Frankly’s Platform and Company

  • We’re an unconventional company. What other Silicon Valley companies go public in Canada? At Frankly, we’re constantly creating interesting partnerships and we closely watch how apps that have integrated Chat SDK are impacted. Look here for our latest findings and partner successes.

The Messaging Industry

  • The messaging app industry is crowded and rapidly expanding. Brands are getting in the game too. According to a recent study by Flurry, mobile messaging apps beat out all other types of apps when it comes to user retention and frequency of use.  More and more, companies want to bring this kind of engagement to their own digital properties. You can look to this blog for our perspective on industry developments.

Innovation in Messaging Technology

  • No offense to SMS, but we think it has its limits. At Frankly, we’ve found so many ways to engage users over chat—interactive messages, large-scale chat rooms, stickers, monetization features (more on this soon…)—and have developed a best-in-class UI. Our engineers, user experience experts and marketers will deep dive into our experiments, share our findings, and explain our technology tradeoffs.

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