TV Broadcasters

Maximize the return-on-investment of delivering your content to more viewers where they are and when they want it

Frankly delivers a streamlined process of multiscreen video distribution to reach, grow, and engage your audience.

With the seemingly constant changes in technology and viewer behavior, it is essential that traditional TV broadcasters go where their audience is. Because content is your most valuable asset, reaching current and prospective viewers is key to driving that value upward. Maximizing advertising revenue can be accomplished with an expanded audience and increased engagement.

The ability to deliver your live and on-demand video content efficiently and quickly is key. Today’s news is delivered in real time through web, mobile, OTT, and social platforms. Reaching your audience along with targeted advertising creates a dynamic business model while leveraging existing assets and resources. With Frankly’s cloud-based platform, you’re suddenly able to scale your revenue by integrating a digital workflow into your traditional business model.

Your audience is waiting for you to meet them where they are. Let’s start the conversation today.