Frankly is the next generation media publishing and monetization platform. Our enterprise class, software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform is leading the way to transforming how media companies execute their digital strategy across every device and every platform. Let us help you increase audience engagement and increase digital revenues through our world-class platform while saving your team time and money with our fully-integrated and modular publishing system.

Frankly helps you publish stories anywhere, easily manage your workflow, and monetize your content – all while staying connected to your fans and making decisions with data. See how we can help change your team.

Content Management

Your stories are a family, so keep them under one roof. Producer is an integrated content management system and powerful video creator that lets you organize stories, publish fast, and syndicate to unlimited third parties with an easy-to-use workflow.

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Mobile Apps and OTT TV Apps

Phone, tablet, or smart TV? The industry is moving to OTT, and we’ve got you covered for it all – AppleTV, Roku, FireTV and emerging OTT platforms. Reach your fans wherever they are with branded native apps for all connected devices, including monetizable OTT streaming. Get in front of your competition with cutting edge OTT TV apps to engage with your most loyal audiences today.

Mobile Apps OTT Apps

Video Platform

Broadcast live, clip frame accurate live to video-on-demand or manage your video-on-demand assets from ingest and encode/transcode, through full workflow of editing and publishing in one simple solution.

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Content Exchange

Have content or need content? Join the Frankly content network reaching more than 60 million monthly active users across the United States to help monetize your content or your distribution platform.

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Robust APIs

Our RESTful APIs are one of the most scalable offerings in the media industry, providing flexibility on both the front and back-end operations to some of the largest media properties today.

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Join an advertising network of over 200 broadcasters, including premium properties like ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX. Find out how we can help media companies turn into powerful digital agencies overnight (Frankly Local) and segment your users with lucrative data-driven audience segmentation (Frankly Data).

  • ABC News
  • NBC
  • CBS
  • Fox
  • + Hundreds More
  • I want to monetize my websites and apps

    Become an ad publisher and serve ads from nationwide brands on their digital properties. Our team does it all for you.

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  • I want to generate revenue through local business advertising​

    If you're a news station, generate revenue with an advertising service for local businesses in your community.

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  • I want to advertise my brand

    Advertise your brand on premium websites, mobile apps, and TVs around the nation.

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