Our expert ad team specializes in increasing revenue for broadcasters and media. With audience insights, scalability, and premium inventory, we do it all for you.

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Advertising for Publishers

Raise your revenue with the right mix of direct sales and programmatic advertising, and get the highest yields in the business. Join a network of over 200 premium properties guided by a team with more than 16 years of experience.

Programmatic ad sales

Join a large-scale programmatic ad marketplace for the best revenue on your unsold inventory.

  • Managed programmatic including private marketplaces, guaranteed orders, and preferred deals
  • Guaranteed fill rate
  • 1.5 times higher CPMs
  • High-quality ads
  • Optional guaranteed CPM rates
  • Turnkey service: we handle demand source, media planning, execution, reporting, and revenue collection


Premium direct national sales representation

We directly sell your sites to premium national brands.

  • Sales channels with long-standing relationships
  • National scale that ensures publishers sites are visible and relevant
  • Higher CPMs and greater shares on premium direct campaigns than those typically offered to standalone publishers
  • Management of the entire campaign process including response to multiple RFPs


Ad Management Platform

As a reseller for Google, we provide an instance of DFP Premium, DFP Video, and access to viewability and DMP metrics.

  • Critical training and access to support for Google ad management platforms, only available as a reseller
  • Reduce your ad serving costs and leverage our scaled rates
  • Access to emerging ad tech to support viewability and DMP requirements


Trust Us

  • 444m Page Views
  • 444m Unique Visitors
  • 203 Publisher Sites
  • 6b Ad Impressions
  • 16+ In Comscore's Local News Media

Frankly Data

Frankly Data leverages a suite of marketing leading Data Management Platforms including Krux, mobile beaconing and other leading data-driven solutions to enable media companies to segment their users to achieve and target the highest CPMs in the industry. Supported by a dedicated team of data scientists and marketing experts, Frankly Data can empower customers with the most relevant, targeted segmentation to sell premium advertising inventory to top advertisers, as well as provide reach extension to target off-site users based on the same targeting criteria. Never enter another advertiser meeting with only age and demographics data, and instead, level-up with a powerful data set that can help advertisers reach their specific target market and increase return on investment on advertising dollars.

Advertising for Brands

Work with the only publisher that owns and operates site-specific news inventory across ABC, NBC, CBS & FOX affiliates distributed to all consumer devices.


  • Advertise on premium properties

    We are a tier 1 publisher that owns and operates inventory across the best sites in the broadcasting business, with a network of over 200 properties.

  • Don’t lift a finger

    You get a dedicated account manager who works with our team of more than 16 years of digital ad experience. We deliver a turnkey service, handling your campaigns from A to Z and customizing your campaigns to optimize for the KPI’s you care about most.

  • Robust ad formats for direct and programmatic marketplaces

    Support banners, static and animated gifs, flash, HTML5, rollovers, and IAB rising star units on your website. Show pre-roll ads on video viewed on both desktop and mobile.

  • Target your ideal customer

    Get hyper-local relevancy with extensive national reach through our DMPs, DSPs, Google Audience, comScore and more.

  • Data-driven optimization

    Our Ad Ops team continuously optimizes your campaigns for the KPIs you care about and according to your premium campaign’s metrics.

  • Viewability

    Run viewable campaigns based on your specific metrics with our 3rd party MRC-accredited vendor.

  • Guaranteed 100% delivery

    We work around the clock to deliver on campaign impression goals.

  • Reach the nation

    We serve 6 billion ad impressions annually.


Local Advertising for Publishers

Increase revenue by advertising local, small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) on your web properties and on air. Our team has 16 years of experience serving local businesses, and we train your team and provide the technology platform to drive customers to their doorstep with customized campaigns.


Increase on-air and online revenue

National ad campaigns are only part of the picture. Add a new revenue stream by advertising the services of local small businesses in your community.


Connect your viewers with local SMB services

You’re the source of news, information, and recommendations for your local viewers. Help them find the best experts and support small businesses in the neighborhood. Advertise specialists in three verticals: Health, Home, and Experts.

See Examples


Be the #1 publicity partner for local SMBs

Offer the best publicity package around. Help local brands establish a reputable online presence that drives tons of traffic to their websites and storefronts.


Offer responsive websites

Help SMBs establish their home online. Frankly helps you create their mobile and desktop websites with business-boosting must-haves for local SMBs, like click-to-call, interactive location mapping, special offers, and spotlights on positive customer reviews. We offer two site redesigns per year and easy site customization management tools.

Make them visible

Offer SMBs an online business presence in local search listings, review sites, and directory sites. Help them maintain accurate information.

Boost their reputation

Help SMBs manage customer reviews, social mentions on Facebook and Twitter, and web mentions in articles and blogs.

We help you close deals with SMBs

Your team gets trained on our proprietary sales system, both in-person (onsite Sales Weeks) and online:


  • Prospecting

    Who should we work with?
  • Diagnostics

    What do we need to know to succeed?
  • Customization

    How do we structure multiplatform presentations?
  • Appointment scheduling

    How do we maximize time with local advertisers?
  • Closing and Support

    How we help grow and retain more revenue?

Renew partnerships yearly

Revitalize your partnerships with local advertisers each year. Our team returns at least once a year to help you boost relationships and renew campaign opportunities.

Become an expert on local SMB marketing

Your team gets trained from A to Z on web visibility, reputation, presence, and social platforms for local businesses during seminars. Or join our online Learning Series to improve your targeting, reporting, and selling skills.

Offer advanced customer targeting

Run efficient targeted reach extension campaigns that use geo-targeting, contextual targeting, behavioral targeting, demography, and retargeting.



We can display traditional ad units on all devices with an option for 
in-banner animation.


Ad Units designed specifically for mobile devices.


Pre, Mid and Post roll ads offered and companion ads when available.

IP Select

We target based on a user’s IP, support database procurement, database scrubbing for IP address confirmation, hyper-local IP address targeting, location-based IP address targeting and match-back confirmation.

Frankly Local

Frankly Local, in partnership with Vendasta, offers a white-labeled suite of local digital market services that media companies can offer to their advertisers. Ranging from reputation management, social media presence, SEO, SEM and digital experiences, the Frankly Local product is a comprehensive platform that can turn any media company into a local digital agency, fully backed by Frankly and Vendasta’s technology and marketing experts. Please visit this link for more details:

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