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CMS for innovative media companies

Your stories are a family, so keep them under one roof. Producer is an integrated content management system and powerful video creator that lets you organize stories, publish fast, and syndicate to unlimited third parties with an easy-to-use workflow.

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Let the world see your stories

Easily publish and distribute stories, images, and videos from your newsroom or in the field with simple workflows. Frankly’s next generation Story Editor puts the power of flexible storytelling in the hands of publishers to tell the most compelling version of the story at hand.

Publish - let the world see your stories

Mobile and browser-based publishing

Anyone on your team can create and publish stories from a web browser, iOS, Android, or mobile device.

Content syndication

Syndicate your stories, both text and video, to third-party sites via RSS, MRSS, and customizable API feeds (including direct video syndication to YouTube).


Get found in search. We offer SEO support and tools, including detailed tagging for each story.

Automated workflows

Streamline multi-step tasks with our proprietary Rules-Based Automation features. Schedule content for publishing and removal in advance.

Social media

Seamlessly share your stories on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter (including Twitter cards) directly from the CMS, optimized automatically for each platform. No extra steps needed.

Special content

Send email newsletters, poll your viewers, and run contests.

Thousands of stories, images, and videos

Manage complex, dynamic associations among all your assets in one place.


  • Image library

    Find your pictures easily with organized storage.

  • Group related content

    Automatically display related content via tags and Rules Based Automation tools.

  • Search for stories

    Advanced search for content in draft, live, or archive mode.

  • Content taxonomy

    Tag and categorize your content.

Create videos right in the CMS

Capture, edit, and manage video with our fully-integrated platform. Streamline your workflow for Video on Demand and Live Streams (and monetize it all).


Capture & edit video on the fly

Your video is ready to publish in the CMS right away with VideoScribe, our video clipping toolset.

Customize and automate

Set up custom workflows and tools that fit your business like a glove and work while you sleep.

Monetize video with ads

Tap into a robust network for pre-roll, mid-roll, and overlay ads.

Live Stream

Broadcast and edit live streams to all devices.

Distribute everywhere

Reach all platforms and devices and send your content out to social channels.

Learn More About Video Management

Websites for mobile, guaranteed

Your mobile site is responsive, so your content looks great on big and small screens.


No developers? No problem.

It’s easy for anyone to make changes to your website’s branding and layout.


Quick changes

Need to update a headline, image, copy, or story status? Non-technical teams can edit the site inline with the built-in Edit Dock. No HTML needed.

Custom utility blocks

Customize your site and safely embed content from third-party sites with utility blocks.

Manage multiple sites

One login lets you access and manage multiple sites, including content sharing with peer and parent/child sites.

Look and feel

Change header graphics, navigation, and site layout. Configure video players and slideshows to match.

Grant or restrict access

Give teammates permission to manage and publish content in specific areas of the CMS based on their role.

Link and host

Easily embed third-party hosted content with the option to customize the display via our Links+ tools.

Know your users

Gather behavioral insights and information from your visitors

Manage user data

Visitors get a single sign-on ID for easy login (and better customization)

Sign up forms

Make it simple for your visitors to receive newsletters and enter contests


Boost your site

Tap into our robust network of integrated third party providers, from analytics to ad management.


Developer toolkit

Let your developer team go to town with our toolkit to build and customize workflows, UI experiences, and third-party integrations.


We partner with comScore DAX and easily integrate with Google Analytics, Chartbeat, crazyegg, Moat and more.

CDN Akamai
COMMENTS & RATINGS Facebook and Mobdub
SOCIAL AddThis share tools, Facebook Commenting, Twitter Cards, Social Embeds via CMS

Running 24/7

We ensure website performance and uptime for over 400 media partners on our reliable, scalable, and secure infrastructure.


  • Scalability

    Akamai’s massive global network of servers hosts your website so it’s always available, even during breaking news stories and site traffic spikes.

  • Performance

    We enhance your site performance with dynamic scaling and aggressive caching.

  • Reliability and security

    Your data is safe with us; our core software is hosted on two data centers and an array of servers.

  • Monitoring

    Our monitoring tools, proactive alerts, and technical team keep your site running around the clock.

Full support system

You can count on us to help you at any time, any day to make your website as successful as can be.


24/7 support center

Round-the-clock technical support with our Affiliate Communications Team (ACT) keeps your site in tip-top shape. Instantly get in touch over email, chat, or a phone call.


Get personal sessions with our experts and your team to teach you every part of the Frankly CMS.

SEO and social media

We compare your sites and channels with competitors and against best practices, then produce a report with key initiatives to increase your brand awareness and search results.


Monthly coaching sessions teach your team how to drive audience growth and engagement on topics such as social media and SEO.

Strategic consultation

Let us review your site from top to bottom and suggest new strategies to grow your audience, build revenue, and improve user experience.

Professional services

Need a technical hand? We are available for design and technical collaboration, and you can trust our media-specific knowledge from more than 16 years of hands-on experience with hundreds of partners.

Custom design

No access to a design team? We create branded, unique, interactive elements such as top story rotators, custom ad units, and breaking news takeovers.

Custom integrations

Let us help integrate your ad management, analytics, and third-party apps into the Frankly CMS


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