Mobile Apps

Manage and control your native apps. Distribute your content across native mobile apps. All from just one platform.

60% of all internet usage is mobile, and over half of US homes own a connected TV. Now is the time to bring your content to every screen for more views, social interaction, and revenue.

Your app on phones and tablets

With 60% of all internet usage on mobile, getting your own native app is the most important investment you can make for more views, revenue, and social interaction.

Native for iOS and Android

Get a full-featured and customizable app for iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets.


Boost your revenue from local and national ad networks by serving native mobile ads, video pre-roll, splash screens, weather-based campaigns, and more.

News, sports, weather, & more

Live and on-demand video, weather forecasts, and the latest stories pushed with lightning speed straight from your CMS to native apps automatically.

Be an expert storyteller

Showcase in-line multimedia, allow users to swipe between articles and categories, surface real-time refreshing, and recommend targeted articles.

Make it all yours

Brand the app to match your colors, fonts, and logos.

Highlight breaking stories

Your users will be the first to know about breaking news thanks to your fast, mobile push notifications. Customize your breaking news treatments to match your brand.

Chat in your app

Make your app the local watering hole. Neighbors can chat about tonight’s football game, swap rumors about the summer carnival, and message with your anchors and reporters (like news Q&A).

Advanced analytics

Get a closer look at how your viewers read and watch the news. Mobile user registration and chat data help you create stories they like, run better-targeted advertising, find your power users, and measure the app’s impact on revenue and viewership.

Under The Hood

One platform to manage all your native apps with specialized analytics, infrastructure, security, and support for each device.

Everything under one roof

A universal workflow and management system for all content. No more juggling different vendors.

We take care of the infrastructure

We provide the framework, bandwidth, storage, coding, and professional services. All you need to do is upload your content.

Look good on any screen

Adaptive bitrate streaming plus encrypted and authenticated delivery for high-quality streams.

Video players at the ready

We design, build, and host video players and apps served from our media management system. Or, you can integrate our APIs and embeddable players with your own systems.

Your content, secure in the cloud

Organize and store content and its metadata in the cloud. Keep it simple with one workflow and automated publishing rules.


Review stats for media inventory, subscribers, engagement, transactions, syndication and service delivery.

Know your users

Track registered users info, usage, activity, and devices for user insights and personalization.

24/7 Support

Our support staff is available 24/7! We train your team on tools, help you find distribution outlets, and set up and monitor your live stream productions so they go off without a hitch.