Video Platform

Industry leading, enterprise-class, SaaS video platform, from video feed capture, encoding/transcoding, frame-accurate live and VoD editing and publishing on all devices. Frankly’s next generation video platform supports both on-premise and cloud video workflow for any media.

Digital video management for media

Stream on demand and live video to web, mobile, and connected TV viewers around the world. Manage video directly in your CMS for an intuitive, easy to use workflow.

Capture and edit video in real time

VideoScribe, our proprietary video capture software, lets you easily create and deliver HD live and on demand video” no technical chops required.

Live Capture

Capture SD or HD-SDI on-air signal in a transcode-ready and edit-ready format.

Mobile Support

Reach any phone with common mobile video formats such as h264, 3GP and Windows Mobile Media, in SD and HD.

Capture Images

Pick up thumbnail graphics from automatically generated keyframes to easily add pictures and slideshows to your stories.

File Transcode

Upload encoded clips for optional transcoding and editing.

Real-time Editing

Clip and publish video while your broadcast is airing live.

Clip and Publish

Create clips quickly and easily with key frames, time codes, seeking, and closed captioning text.

Universal Formats

Use all common video codecs, such as H.264, H.263,FLV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MOV, WMV and AVI. There are a total of 39 different codecs representing 98% of the industry formats.

Live Stream

Broadcast live at any time to all devices.

Go Live

Schedule broadcasts in advance, or push them live instantly.

Real-time Editing

We make it easy to edit your content in real time, or save video to edit later.

Customize And Automate

Set up custom workflows and tools that make video publishing easy. They even work while you sleep.


Our hosted open architecture provides a full suite of industry standard and accessible developer tools to build and customize workflows, UI experiences, and third-party integrations.

Rules based automation

Combine multiple publishing steps and settings with the click of a button


Schedule multiple broadcast recordings so you can clip and publish assets live or later.

Easy Access

A non-technical team can create, edit, and publish video from their browser or smartphone with easy-to-use workflows.

Distribute Everywhere

Reach all platforms and devices with easily discover-able content through search and social

Native Apps and OTT

Send video to your native apps for phone, tablets and connected TVs. Build them on our dynamic platform or integrate with your third-party app.


Send your clips, metadata and summary image to any third party FTP location like YouTube in any format (media type, bit rate, etc.) Full MRSS, XML and JSON feeds available.

Dynamic Bit Rate

Automatic bit rate detection delivers the highest quality clips to your users.


Tap into our syndication partnerships for 20 of the most popular social and video portals via automated MRSS feeds.

Closed Captioning

The closed captioning player SDK enables FCC compliance anywhere, and we support multiple captioning options (e.g., SMPTE-TT, embedded 608/708, WebVTT).

Cross platform players

Our players are compatible with HTML5 and Flash, so everyone from desktop to mobile can see your content perfectly.

Video player widgets

Easily create custom players with our proprietary widget generator.


SEO is a breeze with video pages and meta tags to ensure your clips are indexed.

Serve ads on your videos

We get you more revenue with industry leading CPMs.

The best ad networks

Tap into over 20 ad networks to serve pre-roll, mid-roll, and overlay and live ads.

Measurable campaigns

Comprehensive reporting and analytics lets you track revenue impact.


IAB ad standards, VAST, VPAID, and GOOGLE IMA SDK 3.0.