Ashley •  Apr 26, 2015 • Frankly Assets

Welcome, Muzy! Bringing Chat to a Photoblogging Community

We’re excited to welcome the latest newcomer to the Frankly family. Last month, we announced our acquisition of Muzy, a popular microblogging platform focused on content creation, with over 35 million users worldwide on web and mobile.

So why the new addition? In short, we think that Muzy and Frankly’s chat functionality will go together like peanut butter and jelly. We’re going to use the platform as a showcase of our Chat SDK, and through 2015, we’ll be integrating new, innovative features to enhance its vibrant community.

So, what exactly is Muzy?

Remember the first time you found a way to put two of your pictures side by side? Or added text on top of a photograph? Or even placed your head on top of an animal’s body without knowing the ins and outs of Photoshop?


Thanks to Muzy, introduced in 2012, you can edit your photos and create graphics, visual thoughts, and drawings with addictively fun tools. supports more than 30 editing tools, and the Muzy apps, available on Android and iOS, let you edit your personal photos from your phone and Facebook, as well as public photos from Google search. Share your edited photos, thoughts, and drawings on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and your own Muzy blog.

Muzy grew to 6 million users in its first 6 months and now hosts 35 million users worldwide. A vibrant community of photo and art fans flocks to Muzy for a place to showcase their work and to connect with one another in cyberspace. It’s a social network comparable to Tumblr, Pinterest, and WeHeartIt, but it focuses on personal creation and the powerful peer-to-peer connections that self-expression cultivates.

Why we’re excited to bring rich chat conversations to Muzy

As Muzy’s platform grew, private, one-to-one messaging became its most popular feature.

We saw this as a hidden gem and an interesting opportunity.

Private messaging is a great way for two Muzy users to communicate with each other, satisfying the need for immediate connection. On other photoblogging sites, users can only make contact through a public commenting system.

At Frankly, we believe the next wave of mobile users want more than likes, comments, and hashtags to discover and relate to each other. They want an immediate connection and an easy way to follow and find each other through conversation.

We plan to enrich Muzy’s one-to-one conversations…but why stop there? We can’t wait to see what happens when we introduce our group chats, centered around interesting topics, supercharge the existing comment infrastructure, and more.

Stay tuned for updates on our integration, and in the meantime, take Muzy for a spin! With all the awesome things we have in store for Muzy, you might not even recognize it in a couple of months.